Each talk should not exceed 45 minutes.

All talks will be divided into three groups - short messages (15 minutes), short lectures (30 minutes) and regular lectures (45 minutes).

The possibility of publishing conference lectures in paper version will depend mainly on the number of submitted works and reviewers' opinions.

Submitted works will be reviewed in the so-called peer review mode. The reviewers will not know the names of the authors.

The format of the texts for printing is connected to this page here -> [MS Word format] or [PDF]

If you do not want to use the attached template, you can print the attached PDF file and, according to it, create your own MS Word document (any version) or LaTeX. The authors are obliged to send the final version of the work in the form of a PDF file. NOTE: Times New Roman from LaTeX has a slightly different matrix than Times New Roman from MS Office.

The authors are asked to use a language which is the most convenient for them, and at the same time the most readable for the majority of conference participants. In the case of didactic texts, Polish is much more advantageous than, for example, English or German.